Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q:  If I'm running late, can I still be admitted to the class?

A:  Classes start promptly at the posted time.  It is important that you arrive in time to get checked and find a seat before the class starts.  Students arriving 15 minutes after start time may not be permitted to take that class and will need to reschedule. 

Q: Are your classes ODJFS approved?

A: Yes, our Child Abuse, CPR/AED, Communicable Disease and Pediatric 1st Aid classes are ODJFS approved.


Q: Are there renewal and initial training classes for CPR/AED?

A: No, we utilize American Heart Association/American Safety Health Institute curriculum and it is the same class whether it is your first time or it is a renewal.   They are ODJFS approved.


Q: How long are the CPR and 1st Aid certifications good for?

A: They are 2 year certifications.  Each participant will receive an ODJFS certification and certification card at the completion of the course.


Q: When will I receive my CPR/AED or 1st Aid card?

A: In most cases, it will be given at the end of the class.


Q: When/how do I pay for my class(es)?

A: Payments may be made online with registration, pay at class with CORPORATE/COMPANY check-NO personal checks, cash,, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or Visa.  Many facilities are billed after the student attends the class. 


Q: What if I lost my card or ODJFS card/certification?

A: There is a $7 replacement fee for each ASHI CPR and 1st Aid card,  AND $20 Replacement fee for American Heart Association Heartsaver classes. All other AHA replacement cards are $5 each at this time...There is NO fee for ODJFS replacement certifications.


Q:  Do you ever cancel classes because of weather?

A: In the 15 plus years we've been in business, we've never cancelled a class at our office(s) because of weather.  


Q: Is there a charge if we have an instructor come to our facility for a class and not enough or no students attend and we decide to cancel the class?

A:  Yes, there is a $100 cancellation fee for all classes scheduled offsite and instructor shows up and the place of business does not hold the class.

Q: What if we book a class at our facility and we don't meet our minimum required number of students? (8 for cpr and 1st aid in Stark & Summit County, BLS 5 students for Summit & Stark County, 10 students for CPR & 1st Aid outside of Stark & Summit, and 8 for BLS outside Stark & Summit County)

A: You have the choice to cancel with $100 cancellation fee or pay the minimum class fee.